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Our Promise 私たちの約束

It's your life. It's your career. Obviously, the issues are personal. So there are some things you should know. When you work with Mr. Japanese, you can be assured of several things:

  • Your confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • Information submitted to us, conversations held with our recruiters, and documents we receive or create will not be shared without your knowledge.
  • Your Personal file will not be submitted to a potential employer without your approval.
The best way to achieve our mutual success is with mutual trust. Our hope is that you'll put your trust in us.

  • お預かりした個人情報の保護管理を徹底します。
  • お預かりした個人情報、当社リクルーターとの会話内容、作成したり受け取った資料等はあなたの許可なく共有されません。
  • MRIに登録されたパーソナルデータは、許可なしにクライアントに提出・送付されることはありません。
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