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Our Successful Partnership
Our successful partnership relies in our sourcing for you the right candidate in the right location with the right skills at the right salary level. As you may know, executive search is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process that commonly requires hundreds of phone calls and interviews with a broad range of candidates. Since our goal is to provide you, our partner, with the highest quality candidates, please consider the following items to allow us to provide you with the greatest return for your investment.

Realistic expectations
Is the entire employment package (including growth opportunity, compensation and responsibility) which you offer commensurate with the type of individual you expect to hire?

Professional Search vs. Human Resources Duties
We view ourselves as an extension of your human resources team; not competitors nor adversaries of internal staffing teams. Our staff members are technologically savvy, professional recruiters with advanced training and search capabilities working full-time to solve staffing needs for which the average human resources staff member or supervising manager can reasonably only dedicate a few minutes per day of an already hectic schedule. For this reason, we should be able to significantly and positively impact your professional staff with our services.

Open lines of communications and timely decisions
Many times, conflicting schedules and expectations limit the degree of success available to our partnership. As recruiters, our goal is to "WOW" you; to provide you with a candidate that fully and completely fills your needs and is available to begin work immediately. At every interview, we want the referred candidate to be exactly what you need and create a situation that makes it unnecessary to speak with anyone else.

Realistically, "Let's put him on hold until next week" or "She may be what we're looking for, but we need to wait" are all clear expressions of lack of full satisfaction with the interviewee. As we work to fill your position, "YES" or "NO, because.." responses after interviews allow us to more closely and quickly assess and fill your needs.

On dozens of occasions, we have discovered extremely inaccurate perceptions of candidates through post-interview conversations that have been clarified and corrected with brief post-interview conversations. Even when the perception is completely accurate, we are able to eliminate similar candidates from the consideration process; thereby enhancing the quality of the interview matches, use of the decision-making executive's time and by extension, potential staff members.

Additionally, with professional employment rates approaching 100%, it is rare for us to find a candidate worthy of your attention with only one employment option to consider. Many times, we see employers lose a potential hire to the competition because of an elongated interview process. Conversely, we also see companies with less competitive packages able to hire better candidates because they are able to move quickly through the interview process. Considering 1) the employer's interview time and expenses for multiple on-again, off-again searches 2) the risk that the individual shouldering the burden for the unfilled position will become disgruntled 3) the loss of productive activity foregone by not having a qualified individual in the position, we believe that timely decisions most definitely result in the hiring of higher quality employees.

We are very interested in your thoughts and comments regarding our successful partnership. Your calls are always welcome and extremely helpful in improving our operations.
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